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KBackup is a backup program for UNIX machines.  It supports any OS supported tape drive.  It can use tar or afio to create the archives.  It can even compress using gzip.  It supports include lists, exclude lists, and even backing up to a file.

From Karsten's Home Page:

Probably one of the more useful things that I have ever written is KBackup, a universal, easy to use backup package for UNIX.
Among its many features are:
  •      user friendly, menu driven interface and command line interface for inclusion in automated scripts
  •      high reliability, thanks to using long established tools like afio or tar
  •      automated unattended backups
  •      full or incremental backups
  •      support for tape drives, floppies or removable media, remote backup across networks
  •      support for compression, encryption and double buffering
  •      high portability  -- it is a modular shell script
  •      extensive documentation
  • Some screen-shots of KBackup can be found here.


    The manual is available in several formats:

    Release Information

    Click here for the project page with information on newest releases.

    If you want to use KBackup on a non-Intel or a non-Linux system, you can use the RPM source package anyway. All you need to do is to recompile the included multibuf utility, whose source is included in the documentation directory of the package. This should not pose any major difficulties. KBackup itself is a shell script which will run on any system offering a bash/sh compatible shell.

    CVS access

    The latest version is available via anonymous cvs:
    cvs login (password is empty .. just hit return)
    cvs -z3 co kbackup

    The KBackup Mailing-List

    The mailing list is the forum to discuss your problems with other KBackup users and the maintainers.
    Subscribe to KBackup Mailing List

    Currently, the KBackup mailing list is hosted by EGroups.  I'm considering moving it to Sourceforge.  Check out the project page, and let me know what you think.  (There is a survey asking whether the list should be moved.)

    Copyright Policy

    From Release 1.2.10 on, KBackup is not Share-ware, but is licensed under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License, version 2.

    Dave Frascone has taken over as the new maintainer of KBackup. You can reach him by e-mail as

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